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United Kingdom Vinyl Discography (1960s)
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Golden Records Volume 2
February 1960 RCX 1048 A Touch Of Gold Volume 2 (Gold Standard - EP)
  Wear My Ring Around Your Neck One Night
  Treat Me Nice That's All Right
April 1960 RCA 1187
Stuck On You / Fame And Fortune
June 1960 RD 27159
Elvis' Golden Records Volume 2 (LP)
  I Need Your Love Tonight One Night
  Don't A Big Hunk O' Love
  Wear My Ring Around Your Neck I Beg Of You
  My Wish Came True A Fool Such As I
  I Got Stung Doncha' Think It's Time (SP 40/39)
    Loving You Jailhouse Rock
Elvis Is Back!
  Teddy Bear Treat Me Nice
July 1960 RCA 1194
A Mess Of Blues / The Girl Of My Best Friend
July 1960 RD 27171
Elvis Is Back! (LP)
July 1960 SF 5060
Elvis Is Back! (LP)
  Make Me Know It Soldier Boy
  Fever Such A Night
  The Girl Of My Best Friend It Feels So Right
  I Will Be Home Again Girl Next Door Went A' Walking
  Dirty, Dirty Feeling Like A Baby
  Thrill Of Your Love Reconsider Baby
  October 1960 RCA 1207
It's Now Or Never / Make Me Know It
GI Blues
November 1960 RCX 190 Such A Night (EP)
  Such A Night Like A Baby
  It Feels So Right Make Me Know It
November 1960 RD 27192
GI Blues (LP)
November 1960 SF 5078
GI Blues (LP)
  Tonight Is So Right For Love Pocketful Of Rainbows
  What's She Really Like Shoppin' Around
  Frankfurt Special Big Boots
  Wooden Heart Didja' Ever
  G.I. Blues Blue Suede Shoes
    Doin' The Best I Can
His Hand In Mine
January 1961 RCA 1216
Are You Lonesome Tonight? / I Gotta Know
February 1961 RCA 1226
Wooden Heart / Tonight Is So Right For Love
May 1961 RCA 1227
Surrender / Lonely Man
May 1961 RD 27211
His Hand In Mine (LP)
May 1961 SF 5094
His Hand In Mine (LP)
  His Hand In Mine Joshua Fit The Battle
  I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs He Knows Just What I Need
  In My Father's House Swing Down Sweet Chariot
  Milky White Way Mansion Over The Hilltop
  Known Only To Him If We Never Meet Again
    I Believe In The Man In The Sky Working On The Building
Something For Everybody
August 1961 RCA 1244
Wild In The Country / I Feel So Bad
October 1961 RCA 1258
His Latest Flame / Little Sister
October 1961 RD 27224
Something For Everybody (LP)
October 1961 SF 5106
Something For Everybody (LP)
  There's Always Me I'm Comin' Home
  Give Me The Right In Your Arms
  It's A Sin Put The Blame On Me
  Sentimental Me Judy
  Starting Today I Want You With Me
  Gently I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell
  December 1961 RD 27238
Blue Hawaii (LP)
Blue Hawaii
December 1961 SF 5115
Blue Hawaii (LP)
  Blue Hawaii Ku-U-I-Po
  Almost Always True Ito Eats
  Aloha Oe Slicin' Sand
  No More Hawaiian Sunset
  Can't Help Falling In Love Beach Boy Blues
  Rock-A-Hula Baby Island Of Love
  Moonlight Swim Hawaiian Wedding Song
January 1962 RCA 1270
Rock-A-Hula Baby / Can't Help Falling In Love
May 1962 RCA 1280
Good Luck Charm / Anything That's Part Of You
  June 1962 RCX 211 Follow That Dream (EP)
Pot Luck
  Follow That Dream What A Wonderful Life
  Angel I'm Not The Marrying Kind
July 1962 RD 27265
Pot Luck (LP)
July 1962 SF 5115
Pot Luck (LP)
  Kiss Me Quick Something Blue
  Just For Old Time Sake Suspicion
  Gonna Get Back Home Somehow I Feel That I've Known You Forever
  (Such An) Easy Question Night Rider
  Steppin' Out Of Line Fountain Of Love
  I'm Yours (Overdubbed) That's Someone You Never Forget
  August 1962 RCA 1303
She's Not You / Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello
Rock 'N' Roll No. 2
November 1962 RCA 1320
Return To Sender / Where Do You Come From
December 1962 RD/SF 7528
Rock 'N' Roll No. 2 (LP - Reissue)
  Rip It Up So Glad You're Mine
  Love Me Old Shep
  When My Blue Moon Turns Ready Teddy
  ___To Gold Again Any Place Is Paradise
  Long Tall Sally How's The World Treating You
  First In Line How Do You Think I Feel
January 1963 RCX 7106 Kid Galahad (EP)
    King Of The Whole Wide World Home Is Where The Heart Is
Girls! Girls! Girls!
  This Is Living I Got Lucky
  Riding The Rainbow A Whistling Tune
February 1963 RCA 1337
One Broken Heart For Sale / They Remind Me Too Much Of You
February 1963 RD/SF 7534
Girls! Girls! Girls! (LP)
  Girls! Girls! Girls! Return To Sender
  I Don't Wanna Be Tied Because Of Love
  Where Do You Come From Thanks To The Rolling Sea
  I Don't Want To Song Of The Shrimp
  We'll Be Together The Walls Have Ears
  A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You We're Coming In Loaded
    Earth Boy
It Happened At The World's Fair
May 1963 RD/SF 7565
It Happened At The World's Fair (LP)
  Beyond The Bend I'm Falling In Love Tonight
  Relax Cotton Candy Land
  Take Me To The Fair A World Of Our Own
  They Remind Me Too Much Of You How Would You Like To Be
  One Broken Heart For Sale Happy Ending
June 1963 RCA 1355
Devil In Disguise / Please Don't Drag That String Around
(June 1963) RD 7586
Elvis For You (LP) (Not Issued)
  Flaming Star Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
  Mean Woman Blues Lonesome Cowboy
    Teddy Bear Hot Dog
Fun In Acapulco
  Loving You Party
  Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do! True Love
October 1963 RCA 1374
Bossa Nova Baby / Witchcraft
December 1963 RCA 1375
Kiss Me Quick / Something Blue
December 1963 RD/SF 7609
Fun In Acapulco (LP)
  Fun In Acapulco I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
  Vino, Dinero Y Amor Bossa Nova Baby
  Mexico You Can't Say No In Acapulco
  El Toro Guadalajara
  Marguerita Love Me Tonight
    The Bullfighter Was A Lady Slowly But Surely
Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3
  (There's) No Room To Rhumba In
  ___A Sports Car
February 1964 RCA 1390
Viva Las Vegas / What'd I Say
April 1964 RCX 7141 Love In Las Vegas (EP)
  If You Think I Don't Need You C'Mon Everybody
  I Need Somebody To Lean On Today, Tomorrow And Forever
April 1964 RD/SF 7630
Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3 (LP)
  It's Now Or Never Are You Lonesome Tonight?
  Stuck On You His Latest Flame
  Fame And Fortune Little Sister
    I Gotta Know Good Luck Charm
Kissin' Cousins
  Surrender Anything That's Part Of You
  I Feel So Bad She's Not You
May 1964 RCX 7142 Elvis For You Vol. 1 (EP)
  Rip It Up When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
  Love Me Paralyzed
May 1964 RCX 7143 Elvis For You Vol. 2 (EP)
  Long Tall Sally How Do You Think I Feel
  First In Line How's The World Treating You
June 1964 RCA 1404
Kissin' Cousins / It Hurts Me
June 1964 RD/SF 7645
Kissin' Cousins (LP)
    Kissin' Cousins (Number 2) Anyone (Could Fall In Love With You)
  Smokey Mountain Boy Barefoot Ballad
  There's Gold In The Mountains Once Is Enough
  One Boy Two Little Girls Kissin' Cousins
  Catchin' On Fast Echoes Of Love
  Tender Feeling (It's A) Long Lonely Highway (Take 2)
August 1964 RCA 1411
Such A Night / Never Ending
October 1964 RCA 1422
Ain't That Loving You Baby / Ask Me
November 1964 RCA 1430
Blue Christmas / White Christmas
December 1964 RD/SF 7678
Roustabout (LP)
  Roustabout One Track Heart
    Little Egypt It's Carnival Time
Girl Happy
  Poison Ivy League Carny Town
  Hard Knocks There's A Brand New Day On
  It's A Wonderful World ___The Horizon
  Big Love Big Heartache Wheels On My Heels
February 1965 RCA 1443
Do The Clam / You'll Be Gone
April 1965 RD/SF 7714
Girl Happy (LP)
  Girl Happy Cross My Heart And Hope To Die
  Spring Fever The Meanest Girl In Town
  Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Do The Clam
  ___Commerce Puppet On A String
    Startin' Tonight I've Got To Find My Baby
Flaming Star And Summer Kisses
  Wolf Call You'll Be Gone
  Do Not Disturb
May 1965 RCA 1455
Crying In The Chapel / I Believe In The Man In The Sky
July 1965 RCX 7173 Tickle Me (EP)
  I Feel That I've Known You Forever Dirty, Dirty Feeling
  Night Rider Put The Blame On Me
  Slowly But Surely
August 1965 RCX 7174 Tickle Me Vol. 2 (EP)
  It Feels So Right (It's A) Long, Lonely Highway (Take 2)
  (Such An) Easy Question I'm Yours (Overdubbed)
  September 1965 RD 7723
Flaming Star And Summer Kisses (LP)
Elvis For Everyone
  Flaming Star Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
  Mean Woman Blues Party
  Loving You Lonesome Cowboy
  Teddy Bear Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do!
  It's Now Or Never True Love
  Hot Dog Are You Lonesome Tonight?
November 1965 RCA 1489
Tell Me Why / Puppet On A String
November 1965 RD/SF 7752
Elvis For Everyone (LP)
  Your Cheatin' Heart For The Millionth And The Last Time
  Wild In The Country (Maracas Forget Me Never
    ___Overdub on SF 7752 only) Sound Advice
Harem Holiday
  Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers Santa Lucia
  In My Way I Met Her Today
  Tomorrow Night (Overdubbed) When It Rains It Really Pours
  Memphis, Tennessee  
December 1965 RD/SF 7767
Harem Holiday (LP)
  Harem Holiday Hey Little Girl
  My Desert Serenade Golden Coins
  Go East - Young Man So Close, Yet So Far
  Mirage Animal Instinct
  Kismet Wisdom Of The Ages
    Shake That Tambourine
Frankie And Johnny
February 1966 RCA 1504
Blue River / Do Not Disturb
March 1966 RCA 1509
Frankie And Johnny / Please Don't Stop Loving Me
April 1966 RD/SF 7793
Frankie And Johnny (LP)
  Frankie And Johnny Beginner's Luck
  Come Along Down By The Riverside and When
  Petunia, The Gardener's Daughter ___The Saints Go Marchin' In
  Chesay Shout It Out
  What Every Woman Lives For Hard Luck
  Look Out, Broadway Please Don't Stop Loving Me
  Everybody Come Aboard
  June 1966 RCA 1526
Love Letters / Come What May
California Holiday
July 1966 RD/SF 7810
Paradise, Hawaiian Style (LP)
  Paradise, Hawaiian Style A Dog's Life
  Queenie Wahine's Papaya House Of Sand
  Scratch My Back Stop Where You Are
  Drums Of The Islands This Is My Heaven
  Datin' Sand Castles
October 1966 RCA 1545
All That I Am / Spinout
November 1966 RCA 1557
If Every Day Was Like Christmas / How Would You Like To Be
November 1966 RD/SF 7820
California Holiday (LP)
  Stop, Look And Listen Spinout
    Adam And Evil Smorgasbord
How Great Thou Art
  All That I Am I'll Be Back
  Never Say Yes Tomorrow Is A Long Time
  Am I Ready Down In The Alley
  Beach Shack I'll Remember You
February 1967 RCA 1565
Indescribably Blue / Fools Fall In Love
April 1967 RD/SF 7867
How Great Thou Art (LP)
  How Great Thou Art So High
  In The Garden Where Could I Go But To The Lord
  Somebody Bigger Than You And I By And By
  Farther Along If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side
    Stand By Me Run On
Double Trouble
  Without Him Where No One Stands Alone
  Crying In The Chapel
May 1967 RCA 1593
The Love Machine / You Gotta Stop
June 1967 RCX 7187 Easy Come, Easy Go (EP)
  Easy Come, Easy Go Sing You Children
  Yoga Is As Yoga Does I'll Take Love
July 1967 RCA 1616 Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On) /
    ___That's Someone You Never Forget
August 1967 RD/SF 7892
Double Trouble (LP)
  Double Trouble I Love Only One Girl
    Baby, If You'll Give Me All Of There Is So Much World To See
  ___Your Love It Won't Be Long
  Could I Fall In Love Never Ending
  Long Legged Girl (With The Short Blue River
  ___Dress On) What Now, What Next, Where To
  City By Night  
  Old MacDonald  
September 1967 RCA 1628 There's Always Me / Judy
November 1967 RCA 1642 Big Boss Man / You Don't Know Me
February 1968 RCA 1663 Guitar Man / Hi-Heel Sneakers
April 1968 RD/SF 7917
Clambake (LP)
    Guitar Man You Don't Know Me
Elvis' Gold Records Volume 4
  Clambake The Girl I Never Loved
  Who Needs Money How Can You Lose What You
  A House That Has Everything ___Never Had
  Confidence Big Boss Man
  Hey, Hey, Hey Singing Tree
  Just Call Me Lonesome
May 1968 RCA 1688 U.S. Male / Stay Away
June 1968 RD/SF 7924
Elvis' Gold Records Volume 4 (LP)
  Love Letters You're The Devil In Disguise
  Witchcraft Lonely Man
    It Hurts Me A Mess Of Blues
  What'd I Say Ask Me
  Please Don't Drag That String Ain't That Loving You Baby
  ___Around Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello
  Indescribably Blue
July 1968 RCA 1714 Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby / Let Yourself Go
August 1968 RD/SF 7957
Speedway (LP)
  Speedway Your Groovy Self (Nancy Sinatra)
  There Ain't Nothing Like A Song Five Sleepy Heads
  Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby Western Union
  Who Are You (Who Am I) Mine
    He's Your Uncle Not Your Dad Goin' Home
  Let Yourself Go Suppose
October 1968 RCA 1747 You'll Never Walk Alone / We Call On Him
November 1968 RCA 1768 A Little Less Conversation (Take 16) / Almost In Love
February 1969 RCA 1795 If I Can Dream / Memories
April 1969 RD 8011
Elvis (LP)
  Trouble / Guitar Man Where Could I Go But ToThe Lord
  Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (27/6/68 8pm) __ / Up Above My Head / Saved
  __/ Baby, What You Want Me To Blue Christmas (27/6/68 8pm) / One
  __Do (27/6/68 6pm) __ Night (27/6/68 6pm)
  Medley: Heartbreak Hotel / Hound Memories
    __Dog / All Shook Up (29/6/68 6pm) Medley: Nothingville / Big Boss Man
Elvis Sings Flaming Star
  Can't Help Falling In Love __/ Guitar Man / Little Egypt / Trouble
  __(29/6/68 6pm) __/ Guitar Man
  Jailhouse Rock (29/6/68 8pm) If I Can Dream
  Love Me Tender (29/6/68 8pm)  
June 1969 RCA 1831 In The Ghetto / Any Day Now
June 1969 INTS 1012
Elvis Sings Flaming Star (LP)
  Flaming Star Yellow Rose Of Texas / The Eyes Of
  Wonderful World ___Texas
  Night Life She's A Machine
  All I Needed Was The Rain Do The Vega
    Too Much Monkey Business Tiger Man (27/6/68 8pm)
From Elvis In Memphis
August 1969 RCA 1869 Clean Up Your Own Back Yard / The Fair Is Moving On
August 1969 RD/SF 8029
From Elvis In Memphis (LP)
  Wearin' That Loved On Look Power Of My Love
  Only The Strong Survive Gentle On My Mind
  I'll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can After Loving You
  __ Hold You In My Arms) True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
  Long Black Limousine Any Day Now
  It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' In The Ghetto
  I'm Movin' On
November 1969 RCA 1900 Suspicious Minds / You'll Think Of Me
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