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It Happened At The World's Fair
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(It Happened At The World's Fair)
It Happened At The World's Fair
Recording Sessions
(It Happened At The World's Fair)
It Happened At The World's Fair - Recording Sessions
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(It Happened At The World's Fair)
It Happened At The World's Fair
Original Soundtrack LP
(LPM/LSP 2697)
It Happened At The World's Fair - LP (thanks to 'elvisrecords.com')
Extended Soundtrack CD
(Follow That Dream - CD)
It Happened At The World's Fair - Extended Soundtrack

Movie Synopsis

Mike Edwards (Elvis) and his friend. Danny Burke (Gary Lockwood) are a couple of bush pilots who have their ups and downs financially as well as aeronautically.

Mike has a weakness for three kinds of women-blondes, brunettes and redheads-while Danny is a compulsive gambler. Between the two pursuits they are usually kept broke.

At the moment they hope to achieve solvency in the potato fields of Washington State as crop dusters. When they get their pay for the dusting job they lock it in the cockpit compartment of the plane, but Danny sneaks it out the moment Mike's back is turned.

When they go to town that night, Mike tries to date a girl named Dorothy while Danny tries his luck in a poker game. They both lose. Mike escapes a few jumps ahead of Dorothy's father's shotgun, just in time to get into a battle royal as he rescues Danny from the poker game.

But their troubles aren't over. At the airport, the sheriff serves them a writ attaching their plane as security for various bills that they owe.

The grounded pilots set out forlornly to hitch-hike to some place where they can find a job. They get a ride from a Chinese farmer, Ling and his little niece Sue-Lin who are on their way to the Seattle World's Fair.

In Seattle, little Sue-Lin breaks out in tears when some unexpected business makes it impossible for her uncle to take her to the Fair. Mike volunteers to escort the child, while Danny sets out in search of an old friend, a shady character named Vince Bradley, who may be able to help the boys out of their financial mess.

Mike and Sue-Lin enjoy every ride and exhibit the Fair has to offer and the child samples every variety of food. When she gets a stomach ache, Mike takes her to a dispensary. Whilst there, he fakes an illness of his own in order to be ministered to by nurse Diane Warren. In spite of his best technique, Mike makes little progress.

When they return to the monorail station, Mike learns that Danny has got them a station wagon and mobile home in which they can live, winning them in gin rummy from the trailer park manager.

Mike makes another trip to the Fair, hires a boy to kick him on the ankle and succeeds in getting Diane to treat the injury. The reunion ends in a dinner date and Mike is making headway until Diane learns of the trick.

Before Mike can smooth things over, he is interrupted by Sue-Lin who arrives just as Diane leaves in a huff. Tearfully Sue-Lin reports that her uncle has disappeared. Mike takes her to the trailer, croons her to sleep and then launches an all out police search for the missing Uncle Walter.

The next day Sue-Lin, sensing that her friend Mike is lovesick for Diane, arranges a reunion by faking illness. But the romance hits the rocks again when the child welfare board takes over custody of Sue-Lin and Mike is told that Diane was the one who turned in the report.

Danny has located his hoodlum friend who advances the money to get their plane out of custody in exchange for the boys flying some freight to Canada.

Just before they are about to take off with the cargo, Mike learns that Sue-Ling has escaped from the welfare board. He manages to find her at the Fair and brings her to the airport intending to take her on the flight. When Vince becomes violent in his objections, Mike gets suspicious and peeks into one of the cargo boxes. It is loaded with furs which Vince is trying to smuggle out of the country.

It's a real battle then, but Mike, Danny and the law emerge triumphant. There is more good news too. Uncle Walter has been found in a nearby hospital-only slightly injured in a car accident. And now

Mike learns that it was Danny and not Diane who reported Sue-Lin to the Welfare Board.
Arm in arm, Mike and Diane make another trip to the Fair. Mike and Diane love each other, but they love their country as well. They'll be together as enlistees in U.S. aerospace programme.

(Movie overview by Elvis Monthly - Issue 80, September 1966)