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Viva Las Vegas
Movie Poster
(Viva Las Vegas)
Viva Las Vegas
Recording Sessions
(Viva Las Vegas)
Viva Las Vegas - Recording Sessions
Recording Information
(Viva Las Vegas)
Viva Las Vegas
Original Single
Viva Las Vegas - Single  (thanks to 'elvisrecords.com')
Original Soundtrack EP
(EPA 4382)
Viva Las Vegas - EP  (thanks to 'elvisrecords.com')
Extended Soundtrack CD
(Follow That Dream - CD)
Viva Las Vegas - Extended Soundtrack
Complete Session CD
(Follow That Dream - 3xCD set)
The Viva Las Vegas Sessions
The Making Of Viva Las Vegas
(Follow That Dream - Book & 3xCD set)
The Making Of Viva Las Vegas
Musical Breakdown
(Viva Las Vegas)
Musical Breakdown

Movie Synopsis

Lucky Jackson, played by Elvis, seemed to be obsessed with one desire-to become the world's leading racing champion. However, nothing seemed to be in favour of this and so he and his mechanic, known as Shorty, decided to enter their car in the Annual Grand Prix held in Las Vegas.

They are only able to do this due to Lucky's recent good fortune. He won a large amount of money in a gambling saloon.

When they arrive in Las Vegas, Lucky meets Count Elmo Mancini, played by Cesare Danova, who is an Italian racing champion. He is preparing his car, which is a magnificent Ferrari, for the same race for which Lucky and Shorty are entering.

Mancini tries to make a deal with Lucky. He wants him to use various ways of getting his strongest competitors in the race out of action, so that he can have a comfortable win. Lucky refuses to get involved with this.

However, shortly afterwards he gets involved in another way. While they are talking, they are interrupted by a trim young lovely named Rusty Martin, played by Ann-Margret. She seems to be in a plight and asks Lucky and Shorty if they could possibly mend her car which, to put it in her own words, "whistles." Lucky decides to have a go at delaying her and so he loosens a wire.

However, Mancini fixes the car for her and before Lucky can even find out her name or where she works she is on her way.

Unable to forget her Lucky and Shorty rack their brains to think what she could do. They decide that such a girl could only be in show business and so they begin a tour of the fabulous Las Vegas strip in search of her. Unfortunately, after viewing hundreds and hundreds of pretty girls, they still haven't found her, and they go home very despondant.

Luck is with them the next morning. by accident. It turns out that she is the very same hotel that they are staying in! is until he falls into the swimming pool.

This isn't the end either, for all the money he and Shorty have got for the racing car goes literally "down the drain."

Having no money to pay their hotel bills, Lucky and Shorty take jobs at the hotel as waiters to pay their way. This has another advantage also for it makes them eligible to compete for 2,500 dollars in prize money at the Annual Employees' Ball Talent Contest.

As soon as Lucky has his first real day off, he and Rusty have their first date. They do a tour of Las Vegas which includes the University of Nevada, a golf course, a shooting range, water-skiing on Lake Meade and a helicopter trip. After this it seems obvious that they are in love.

On the night of the talent contest, Lucky wins the first prize just managing to beat Rusty. However, instead of winning funds to pay for their racing engine, he gets a gold cup and a honeymoon ticket to Monaco.

Rusty wants Lucky to give up his car racing for she feels sure that one day there will be an accident which will either injure or kill him. So she tries many ways of trying to make him quit She decides to carry on a flirtation with Mancini in order to win him over through jealousy. But their moonlight dinner is turned into a shambles when Lucky and Shorty substitute for the hotel's regular waiters.

Finally, just hours before the Grand Prix, the money turns up for Lucky's engine. Although he doesn't know this, it is secret financing on the part of Rusty's father. Thanks to his last-minute help, Lucky and his car make the starting line just in time. The race is wild and furious and has a courageous and surprising finish. Needless to say that Lucky is first at the finishing post.

The perfect way to end a film? With a wedding scene of course!

(Movie overview by Elvis Monthly - Issue 82, November 1966)