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Tickle Me
Movie Poster
(Tickle Me)
Tickle Me
Recording Sessions
(Tickle Me)
Tickle Me - Recording Sessions
Recording Information
(Tickle Me)
Tickle Me
Original Single Release
(Easy Question / It Feels So Right)
(Such An) Easy Question / It Feels So Right (thanks to 'elvisrecords.com')
Original Single Release
(I'm Yours / Long Lonely Highway)
I'm Yours / (It's A) Long Lonely Highway (thanks to 'elvisrecords.com')
Original Soundtrack EP
(EPA 4383)
Tickle Me - EP  (thanks to 'elvisrecords.com')
Extended Soundtrack CD
(Follow That Dream - CD)
Tickle Me - Extended Soundtrack

Movie Synopsis

Cowboy singer, Lonnie Beale arrives in a one-horse desert town to find the job he had been promised had fallen through. To pay his way until the next rodeo which will earn him good money as a rough rider he takes on a job at a local saloon, entertaining the customers. He is a big hit. Impressed by his magnetic attraction for women, wealthy ranch owner Vera Radford gives him work looking after the horses at "Circle Z", the ranch she runs as a health farm for actresses, show girls and career women.

At the ranch, Lonnie falls foul of the muscular swimming instructor, Brad, shares a bungalow with the good natured Stanley, the eternal fall-guy, and is captivated by Pam, the P.T. instructress-who is the only female within miles who is apparently able to resist his charms.

Lonnie is the hit of the season. The only trouble is that when he starts to sing the girls forget about their diets, their massage, their swimming lessons, and flock around him like bees around a honey-jar. All except Pam, that is.

But one night Pam surprises an intruder in her bedroom. Lonnie dashes to her rescue and frightens off the masked man. Pam melts towards him a little. The next day, when she goes off alone to a nearby ghost town, Lonnie follows to keep a protective eye on her. Pam's grandfather, a gold prospector, has left a fortune in twenty dollar double eagles in the deserted town and Pam has an ambiguously worded letter instructing her where to find the coin hoard; someone has got wind of her search and is out to beat her to it.

Pam is beginning to fall in love with Lonnie when she bursts into Vera Radford's office one day to see him kissing Vera, who has made a pass at him. Furious, Pam refuses to have anything more to do with him and a miserable Lonnie goes off on a tour of the rodeos.

With his mind full of Pam, Lonnie has no luck at the rodeos. But every time he calls her, she hangs up on him. When he writes to her, explaining about Vera, she sends the letters back. Then Stan comes to see him and tells him that Pam is unhappy and Lonnie gives up Rodeo-riding and rushes back to the ranch.

He and Stan follow her to the ghost town of Silverado where she is making a determined effort to find her grandfather's gold. Pam still refuses to speak to Lonnie. A violent storm breaks over Silverado and they are forced to take shelter in a deserted hotel, where the terrified Pam clings to him, forgetting her quarrel. Lonnie has a chance at last to explain what happened between him and Vera Radford and all is forgiven.

But their reconciliation is interrupted by a series of hair-raising incidents. Two horrific figures appear, terrifying Pam and sending the unfortunate Stan crashing into the cellar of the hotel. Lonnie tackles the intruders, who turn out to be the Sheriff and his assistant who are also hot on the trail of grandfather's gold, and rescues Stan from the cellar.

Here, quite by accident, they find the long-hidden hoard of coins. Stan has stumbled against the wall in his fall, and the coins are spilling out in a long golden stream over the floor.

The triumphant trio ride back to the "Circle Z" Ranch.

In a few days' time Lonnie and Pam are married.

(Movie overview by Elvis Monthly - Issue 88, May 1967)