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Movie Synopsis

Singer Mike McCoy (Elvis Presley) travels the country with his band, composed of Les (Deborah Walley), Curly (Jack Mullaney) and Larry (Jimmy Hawkins). He enjoys his carefree life and has no intention of marrying. But three beautiful girls have their eyes on him. Cynthia Foxhugh (Shelley Fabares) spots Mike performing in a Santa Barbara teen club. Her father Howard (Carl Betz), a millionaire auto-maker, offers the ensemble $5,000 to perform one number for his daughter's birthday, but the group is booked elsewhere. Foxhugh uses his influence to cancel all Mike's concerts until he entertains for Cynthia. When Mike meets the girl, he realises she's the one who drove him off the road during a wild race when he first arrived in town. He tells her off and she retaliates with a kiss.

Another girl in Mike's life is Diana St. Clair (Diane McBain). She's a best-selling author researching her next book, The Perfect American Male, and Mike's one of her subjects. Diana intends to marry the man who best fits her title and McCoy looks like a winner. While the romantic snares multiply, Foxhugh manoeuvres to have Mike, an outstanding racer, drive his new experimental Fox Five in the Santa Fe Road Race. Realising the band is preparing to leave town, the Foxhugh's know the stubborn Mike will do the opposite of what they demand, so they send Tracy Richards (Will Hutchins), a local policeman, to order the group out of town.

Infuriated, Mike cons the Foxhugh's neighbours (Cecil Kellaway and Una Merkel) into taking a second honeymoon in his vintage Duesenberg. When they leave, the band moves into their home.

The day before the race, Mike throws a swinging party where Howard becomes enamored of Diana. Philip Short (Warren Berlinger), Foxhugh's assistant declares love for Cynthia. Officer Richards has eyes for Les, the rather plain girl who's Mike's drummer. Suddenly aware she hasn't emphasized her charms, Les transforms herself into a vision of loveliness. And Mike notices!

The party draws to an end with the three girls still after Mike, and the three guys after them. As Mike dances with Susan (Dodie Marshall), he promises to reveal his marital choice after the big race. Feeling he has been pressured into driving the Fox Five, Mike decides to race his own bright yellow Cobra 427 but, at the starting line, Philip commandeers the car to prove his courage to Cynthia.

Mike hops into his Duesenberg and joins the perilous mountain road race. At the finish line, Mike announces which of the three girls he will marry. "I'm going to marry them all," he says.

And that's just what he does-in a roundabout way.

(Movie overview by Elvis Monthly - Issue 81, October 1966)