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Paradise, Hawaiian Style
Movie Poster
(Paradise, Hawaiian Style)
Paradise, Hawaiian Style
Recording Sessions
(Paradise, Hawaiian Style)
Paradise, Hawaiian Style - Recording Sessions
Recording Information
(Paradise, Hawaiian Style)
Paradise, Hawaiian Style
Original Soundtrack LP
(LPM/LSP 3643)
Paradise, Hawaiian Style - LP  (thanks to 'elvisrecords.com')
Extended Soundtrack CD
(Follow That Dream - CD)
Paradise, Hawaiian Style - Extended Soundtrack

Movie Synopsis

Rick Richards (Elvis Presley) has trouble with girls. They keep his mind off his job which is piloting planes. Rick loses a lot of good jobs that way.

Out of work once more, Rick takes off for Hawaii, where he was born, to look up a friend of his who has just started up as a private pilot. Danny Kohana is delighted to throw a welcome back party for Rick. When he suggests that they should collaborate on a helicopter charter service, he is not so keen.

Danny knows Rick well and figures that he is a good friend but a lousy business bet.
Rick, however, has a plan. He intends to charm his many girl friends who work at hotels on the island, into recruiting passengers for the new 'copter service.

He sets off on a goodwill trip to see Lehue, Lani, Pua and Joanna. All the girls are so pleased to see him again that they promise faithfully to send him clients.

Meanwhile, back in Hawaii, Danny has engaged Judy Hudson as the new company's Girl Friday. Friday, as they call her, is an amateur pilot herself and is not impressed by Rick's charm. So the company goes into operation, but Rick can't keep out of trouble for long.

One day, making a trip with a load of over-excited dogs, he loses control of the 'copter and dives so low that he nearly scoops the roof off a passing car. Unfortunately, the car is being driven at the time by Donald Belden of the Federal Aviation Agency.

Worse is to come. Rick takes off on a joyride with Lani and Jan. Jan is Danny's nine-year-old daughter. She adores Rick. Lani adores Rick, too, and when he resists her romantic ideas she hides the ignition key to the 'copter and can't find it again, so the three of them spend a disconsolate night on the beach.

Danny, worried stiff about his daughter, finds them in the morning and tells Rick that this is the last straw-their partnership is through. Danny sets off for home with Jan, but when Rick gets back to Hawaii, Friday tells him that the others haven't arrived.

Even though Rick stands to lose his licence if he flies again without permission from Federal Aviation, he and Friday set off to look for Danny and Jan.

They find them - Danny with a broken leg and the 'copter damaged. Danny and Rick are friends again, but news of the rescue has been reported and Rick knows he may now lose his licence for good.

He decides to plead his cause in person and goes along to a party where Belden-the man whose car Rick nearly flew into is guest of honour.

Rick is dancing with Friday when he gets the feeling he is being watched. He is by Lehue, Lani and Joanna all of whom are thoroughly disillusioned and demand a share in the partnership profits.

As usual, though, Rick lands on his feet. He learns that because of his devotion to his friend, rather than his licence, he will be able to continue flying and discovers that Friday has changed her mind and fallen for him after all.

(Movie overview by Elvis Monthly - Issue 108, January 1969)