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Kissin' Cousins
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(Kissin' Cousins)
Kissin' Cousins
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(Kissin' Cousins)
Kissin' Cousins - Recording Sessions
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(Kissin' Cousins)
Kissin' Cousins
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(LPM/LSP 2894)
Kissin' Cousins - LP (thanks to 'elvisrecords.com')
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(Follow That Dream - CD)
Kissin' Cousins - Extended Soundtrack

Movie Synopsis

It is the intention of the U.S. Air Force. to build a gigantic missile base at the very top of a mountain in Tennessee called Big Smokey. However, every time they have a go at talking to the man who owns. the mountain they are showered with a hail of bullets. Consequently they are forced to retreat and don't get any nearer building the base.

The owner of the mountain is a Hillbilly moonshiner by the name of Pappy Tatum. He believes the men are from the Internal Revenue Service and that they are going to confiscate his "still"!

Together with his wife, who's just known as Ma Tatum, and their two daughters, Selina and Azalea and also with the help of Jodie-a nephew, they just about manage to ward off the "revenooers" as they are known by the family. However the Air Force officials in Washington decide that they aren't going about it in the proper manner and so they decide upon a different method of approach. They contact an enlisted man from Tennessee-Second Lt. Josh Morgan, who they think will be able to make more headway than they had done in the past as he was born and raised only some fifteen miles from the Big Smokey Mountain.

Josh is assigned to work with a man called Captain Robert Salbo and together they have got to obtain Pappy's signature to the lease of the property. This is no easy task for the document has to be signed within seven days. They arrive in Tennessee and Josh does nothing to prevent them being captured by the Tatums in the hope that they will be able to talk to Pappy and explain to him just what it is they are after. That they aren't from the "Revenoo" at all but from the U.S. Air Force. But then it happens. Josh meets Jodie and to everyone's utter amazement they are the living image of one another! That is, with one difference, one is blond and the other is dark. Josh explains the reason for this-that it is probably because his great-great-great aunt married a Tatum and so they hit on the happy solution that they're all "Kissin' Cousins"!

Nevertheless, whenever Josh and Salbo try to talk to Pappy about the Air Force Base they want to build he changes the subject and will never talk to them about it. Josh also has his "problems." In two very pretty shapes-Selina and Azalea-daughters of Pappy Tatum. They are both very affectionate towards him and he has all his time cut out cooling their romantic ardour and persuading them that he isn't the matrimonial possibility they believe him to be!

Not long after, Josh is sent to a nearby Air Base to collect a typist. He returns with a very dainty miss called Midge and as soon as Jodie sets eyes on her he decides that she is just the girl for him. Meanwhile Josh has fallen for the charms of Azalea and Master-Sergeant Bailey, one of Josh's friends, has claimed Selina.

It seems now that all the young people in Pappy's family have either "settled down" or are ready to any day and so Pappy doesn't mind talking over the lease now. He says he will sign the document if the government will agree to some additional clauses. The government do agree on this and so Pappy signs. One of the clauses calls for a special Police Patrol which will keep off all trespassers from Pappy's land. This will also prevent the Internal Revenue Service from breaking up his "still" which was his chief concern all along!

(Movie overview by Elvis Monthly - Issue 83, December 1966)