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Girl Happy
Movie Poster
(Girl Happy)
Girl Happy
Recording Sessions
(Girl Happy)
Girl Happy - Recording Sessions
Recording Information
(Girl Happy)
Girl Happy
Original Soundtrack LP
(LPM/LSP 3338)
Girl Happy - LP (thanks to 'elvisrecords.com')
Extended Soundtrack CD
(Follow That Dream - CD)
Girl Happy - Extended Soundtrack

Movie Synopsis

Here again, we have Elvis as the leader of a combo, his name being Rusty Wells and his group comprising of Andy, Wilbur and Doc.

It is snowing when the film begins. The boys have just finished their series of dates at a night club in the city of Chicago, or so they think! As it is the Easter vacation they are all planning on dashing off down to Fort Lauderdale, the teenagers' holiday hive, in Florida. However, because of Rusty's success at the night club, the owner, Big Frank, decides to hold the combo over for a couple of weeks longer. Rusty intends telling him that they won't be able to stay but they catch him at the wrong moment; the moment he has found out that his only daughter, Valerie, is spending her vacation in Fort Lauderdale with her college pals. After careful wording on the part of Rusty and fatherly agitation on the part of Big Frank it is decided that the boys should go down to Fort Lauderdale, full expenses paid, to keep an eagle eye on Valerie, his daughter.

Valerie and her friends Deeno, Betsy, Nancy etc. arrive a little after Rusty and Co. at the same hotel.

When Valerie emerges from her hotel in a glamorous beach shift Rusty goes to serenade her and although obviously flattered she is still very interested in the book she is reading! This convinces Rusty that she will be staying in all evening studying and in this case there will be no need for him to keep an eye on her. Rusty is side-tracked by another attractive girl, Deeno who is a college pal of Valerie's and he arranges to meet her at the club where his combo is playing that night. Deeno assists him on stage with Wolf Call and then they prepare to leave. But suddenly Rusty spots Valerie in the audience with her date, Brentwood Von Durgenfield. He couldn't let Big Frank down and he has to face the problem of leaving Deeno so that he can chaperone Valerie.

The scenes where Rusty tries to date Deeno and still keep an eye on Valerie prove to be hilarious and they only ease off when he discovers that he is falling more and more for Valerie. But there are still complications. Complications in the form of Romano Rossi, a latin lover, who threatens to rival Rusty, and then Valerie discovers that her father hired Rusty to be her secret chaperone. When she hears the latter news she drowns her sorrows in too many cocktails and causes a sensation in a night club by imitating the resident star stripper there. Rusty comes in and there is a giant fight which consequently lands all the girls, including Valerie, in jail for the night.

Rusty's first impulse is to get her out and they have an ingenious idea whereby they tunnel under the jail and come up through the floor-boards. This works and Rusty finds himself in a cell full of girls. He is unable to find Valerie which is not surprising as Big Frank has arrived and has just bailed her out! The rest of the boys are unable to get Rusty out of jail as they have blocked up the tunnel once they knew he was inside. And so Rusty has to spend the rest of the night in the prison cell. At first Big Frank is furious but as he talks to Valerie, who also believes she hates him, they both realise how fond of Rusty she really is.

Rusty is let out of jail in the morning and from then on all goes smoothly. With romance glinting in each other's eye they perform the final song together.

(Movie overview by Elvis Monthly - Issue 87, April 1967)