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Fun In Acapulco
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(Fun In Acapulco)
Fun In Acapulco
Recording Sessions
(Fun In Acapulco)
Fun In Acapulco - Recording Sessions
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(Fun In Acapulco)
Fun In Acapulco
Original Soundtrack LP
(LPM/LSP 2756)
Fun In Acapulco - LP (thanks to 'elvisrecords.com')
Extended Soundtrack CD
(Follow That Dream - CD)
Fun In Acapulco - Extended Soundtrack
Complete Session CD
(Follow That Dream - 3xCD set)
The Fun In Acapulco Sessions

Movie Synopsis

Mike Windgren, played by Elvis, arrives rather mysteriously in Acapulco one day as a sailor on a motor yacht. They later learn that Mike is escaping from a tragic incident that happened in the States. Mike was a trapeze artiste originally and it was really his fault that his partner, a good friend, was seriously injured.

One day, in Acapulco, Mike was singing and he caused a very big hit with a shoe shine boy named Raoul. Raoul was so impressed by Mike's singing that straight away he volunteered to become his manager. It turned out that Raoul was related to practically everyone in the city and those who he wasn't related to were great friends! Anyway, Raoul succeeds in getting Mike hired as a singer in one of the luxury hotels in Acapulco, singing to the holiday-makers.

Not long has Mike been at the fashionable resort hotel than he becomes romantically involved with, not one, but two ladies. They are, Dolores Gomez, a lady bullfighter and Margarita Dauphine, the hotel's social director. As time passes it appears that Mike's affections are more inclined towards Margarita but nevertheless he doesn't forget Dolores.

However, Mike's job isn't just singing at night. He also has to work during the day. His job then is to be lifeguard at the hotel's swimming pool. Problems arise here as there is also another lifeguard by the name of Moreno who has more than a passing interest in Margarita also! Therefore Moreno resents Mike's presence greatly.

Because of his past experiences Mike has a fear of heights although no-one is aware of this. However, trying to conquer this fear, Mike walks up to the top diving board but finds that he cannot dive. Moreno is watching and he realises that Mike is afraid of heights. After much sleuthing he discovers what happened, that Mike dropped his circus partner in the middle of a circus act before he came to Acapulco. Being jealous of Mike, Moreno decides to use this information to his own advantage in the hope that he may be able to win back Margarita.

To entertain the visitors, every night Moreno does a spectacular dive from the highest cliff-La Quebrada a dive of over one hundred and thirty six feet into the raging surf. On this particular evening Mike and Moreno have a disagreement which turns into a heated argument and consequently into a brawl. Mike wins, but Moreno fakes injury, saying that he is too hurt to do his nightly dive, in the full knowledge that Mike will be expected to do the dive for the first time.

Mike decides that he must overcome his fear of heights and prove that he is capable of the dive. Slowly and dramatically, he climbs the rock cliffs wondering all the time if he is going to make it. There is a moment's hesitation, the lookers-on getting very tense, but suddenly he takes off like a bird and cuts the water in a perfect dive. He is applauded wildly, but this doesn't bother Mike, for he rushes out of the water to embrace Margarita and little Raoul who have been watching nervously throughout the whole operation. Triumphant at having conquered his fear of heights Mike suggests that they all go to Florida and Margarita and Raoul happily consent.

(Movie overview by Elvis Monthly - Issue 81, October 1966)