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Easy Come, Easy Go
Movie Poster
(Easy Come, Easy Go)
Easy Come, Easy Go
Recording Sessions
(Easy Come, Easy Go)
Easy Come, Easy Go - Recording Sessions
Recording Information
(Easy Come, Easy Go)
Easy Come, Easy Go
Original Soundtrack EP
(EPA 4387)
Easy Come, Easy Go - EP  (thanks to 'elvisrecords.com')
Extended Soundtrack CD
(Follow That Dream - CD)
Easy Come, Easy Go - Extended Soundtrack

Movie Synopsis

Navy Lieutenant Ted Jackson (Elvis) enjoys his dangerous work as an underwater demolition man, but anticipates his upcoming discharge and return to a carefree civilian life. When his ship anchors in sunny, swinging California, Ted joins Lieutenants Whitehead (Mickey Elley), Tompkins (Reed Morgan) and Schwartz (Sandy Kenyon) to explore the action ashore. The sound of frantic music lures them into the Easy Go-Go, a dockside discotheque familiar to Ted. Inside a band rehearses for the night's activities while a gorgeous creature named Jo (Dodie Marshall) interprets the beat with a wild dance.

The owner, a young trumpet player named Judd Whitman (Pat Harrington), is Ted's good friend and former partner in the Easy Go-Go. While they discuss the "good old days", Ted eyes Jo. Obviously, she's not interested.

So Judd shows the boys his unique wheel of fortune, displaying photos of girls, their vital statistics and telephone numbers. With Jo unavailable, they give it a whirl.

Later, on the ship, the quartet laments its experience with Lady Luck. Judd's selections left a lot to be desired. But the climate improves when the boys spy three beauties sunbathing on a cabin cruiser. The luxury vessel belongs to playgirl Dina Bishop (Pat Priest). Dina, Vicki (Elaine Beckett) and Mary (Shari Nims) are the most beautiful sights they've ever seen. But a fourth. passenger, Gil Corey (Skip Ward) spoils the picture.

Just then, Ted gets orders to investigate a strange sonar contact. He and Cooper (Ed Griffith), also an expert frogman, head for the area in a power launch. Because of the danger involved, Ted tells Cooper to clear the area and come back for him later.

As Ted dives, Dina watches from a discreet distance. Puzzled at the launch leaving the diver alone, she pulls closer, asking Gil to submerge and find out what's happening. While Ted deactivates an old foreign mine, Gil quietly descends and photographs the operation.
Preparing to surface, Ted discovers the hull of a turn-of-the-century brigantine named "Port Of Call". A large object inside resembles a treasure chest. He decides to return soon for further investigation.

Surfacing, he discovers Dina's boat. He boards and angrily reminds Gil and the comely crew the area is off limits. Dina admits she only wanted pictures of the handsome frogman at his hazardous assignment. Ted demands the film, but is given the wrong roll to destroy.

Intrigued by the prospect of sudden wealth the chest might yield, Ted goes to Captain Jack (Frank McHugh), the most reliable source of nautical lore in the area. He's an eccentric, nervous ex-star of a TV sea show for the kiddies. He loves the sea, but unfortunately fears the water. Consequently, he has simulated a sea without water in his. shop, where he can create any oceanic condition with specially constructed controls which manoeuvre plastic fish and artificial seaweed.

Captain Jack tells Ted his best source of information is Joe Symington, the only living relative of the "Port Of Call's" skipper. Arriving at the Symington residence, a dishevelled girl named Tanya (Kay York) informs. Ted only members are allowed entrance. To be a member, he must grow a beard or do something even stranger. Convinc- ing Tanya that he must see Joe Symington, she agrees on one condition. He will have to exchange his uniform for "hip" clothes.

Once inside and dressed in black, Ted realizes the house is every bit as unusual as Tanya. Rooms are strewn with stools, hundreds of cushions, books, stereo components and random art objects. A gathering of young bohemians are engaged in a yoga session conducted by Madame Neherina (Elsa Lanchester), an Indian in sari and heavy green eye make-up.

Suddenly, he spots the girl who did the wild dance at Judd's place. He's amazed to learn she's the object of his search. It's not Joe Symington-it's Jo, and she's full time hostess to every unemployed artiste in the area. asks about the "Port Of Call". explains the ship carried coffee, plus a valuable chest of Spanish pieces-of-eight. Cautiously protecting his secret discovery, he declares he is not interested in wealth, but writing a manual for the Navy.

Upon his discharge, Ted cons Judd into helping him salvage the suspected treasure. Judd agrees. But if they fail, Ted must return to work at the club at his old salary. To prove sea life hasn't rusted his voice, Ted sings for the Easy-Go-Go crowd while Dina and Jo watch with interest.

Ted, Judd and Captain Jack, whose store is the only source of the needed diving equipment, prepare to head for the salvage site. But before they leave the dock, Jack gets seasick and is replaced by Jo.

When Jo learns the mission, she is furious. Ted is money-hungry like everyone else, she says. Peace, love and understanding are all that matter, but she agrees to help only if all the money goes towards an art centre for her friends.

Gil and Dina approach the site shortly after Ted drops anchor. Ted pretends to be fishing, but the scene looks suspicious to Gil, especially when he sees Captain Jack's diving equipment. Re-examining the picture he took of Ted at work underwater, he sees the chest and determines to get to it first. He fakes a dead battery cable and sea courtesy demands Ted tow Dina's ship back to port..

Gil seeks out Captain Jack and with some fast talk, convinces him Ted is a crook. They go to Ted's boat to retrieve Jack's equipment and there is a violent fight between the two young men. Confused, the Captain hurriedly takes his supplies back to the store, decided neither will get their hands on the vital goods.

Both Ted and Gil must plan some quick strategy. Ted searches for Jo. She and Captain Jack are old friends, and she can certainly set him straight. While detained at the weirdest party he's ever seen, an artist named Zoltan (Diki Lerner) disassembles Ted's car and makes the world's first automobile mobile, with the parts of the car hanging separately from the garage ceiling. Borrowing Zoltan's vehicle, created from accessories of every known auto, Ted, Judd and Jo rush to Captain Jack's shop.

In the meantime, Dina has lured Jack to her boat while Gil has stolen the diving equipment. Too late, Jack realises he's been kidnapped and the trio speeds towards the fortune.

Arriving at his boat, Ted finds the underwater picture with the chest circled. A message reads, "Finders Keepers, Lover". By the time they reach the treasure site, Gil and Dina have submerged, leaving Jack on board to regulate the controls. Underwater, after a bitter struggle Ted gets a hammer- hold on his opponent and signals Captain Jack to send an air supply through his hose.. He rams the end of the hose under Gil's wet suit and floats him helplessly to the surface. The contest is over.

Dina is happy because she had the excitement she craves and really didn't need the money. Captain Jack pleads that Gil not be reported to the authorities. After all, he helped the Captain conquer his fear of sea.

Ted insists on splitting the find with Jo, Judd and Captain Jack. If the coins were gold, they would be worth at least half-a-million dollars. But the "treasure" is only copper, they learn, and worth less than 4,000 dollars. Instead of taking a small share each, they pool the money for use as a down payment on Jo's art centre. Judd will throw a benefit party to raise the remainder.

Back at the Easy Go-Go, the way Ted sings and kisses Jo indicates he may have lost a fortune, but found a real-live treasure.

(Movie overview by Elvis Monthly - Issue 85, February 1967)