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Double Trouble
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(Double Trouble)
Double Trouble
Recording Sessions
(Double Trouble)
Double Trouble - Recording Sessions
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(Double Trouble)
Double Trouble
Original Soundtrack LP
(LPM/LSP 3553)
Double Trouble - LP  (thanks to 'elvisrecords.com')
Extended Soundtrack CD
(Follow That Dream - CD)
Double Trouble - Extended Soundtrack
Musical Breakdown
(Double Trouble)
Double Trouble

Movie Synopsis

A story of circumstances and mistaken identity finds Guy Lambert (Elvis) enmeshed in foreign intrigue, a murder scheme, a diamond smuggler's misadventures and a romantic triangle, all with a dash of humour.

As Guy, a carefree bachelor, sings to a sea of London Discotheque faces, two women enter his life. Sophisticated play-girl, Claire Dunham (Yvonne Romain) is extremely enamoured with Guy. Jill Conway (Annette Day) is younger, but also has eyes for the handsome entertainer.

When Jill's guardian and uncle, Gerald Waverly (John Williams), invites Guy for a visit to discuss the singer's intention, Guy discovers that Jill is much younger than she appeared in the club. He tries to lose her, but she is intent on marriage.

Uncle Gerald decides to nip the romance in the bud. He has more elaborate plans for his heiress-niece and immediately sends her to school in Brussels, not knowing Guy's profession is taking him there the same day!

En route to Belgium, Jill searches for Guy on the ship and first meets some rather strange tourists. Among them are Morley (Michael Murphy) who engages in sinister extracurricular activities; Arthur Babcock (Norman Rossington) and Archie Brown (Chips Rafferty), two bumbling smugglers looking for a fall guy; Iceman (John Anderson), always lurking in the shadows at the moment of disaster.

When a falling steamer trunk barely misses Jill, and Guy is nearly drowned, it becomes evident that someone aboard has diabolical plans for the couple. When they dock, a handful of suspicious characters are at their heels. From Bruges to Antwerp, they miss death by narrow margin at each turn.

Babcock and Brown constantly follow Guy and Jill. Claire joins the entourage with a new plan of attack and the suspicious Frenchman (Maurice Marsac) appears. But why are they being hunted and who wants them dead?

When Uncle Gerald arrives in an over-protective move, Guy is arrested for kidnapping. Separated from Jill, and unable to protect her from their assailants, he calls on a good friend to hide the heiress from danger. Instead, she is nearly asphyxiated by deadly gas.

Though Guy's fellow musician, Georgie (Monty Landis), tries to help, it seems as though the word "curtains" is a sure thing in more than theatrical terms.

The elaborately laid intrigue comes to a dizzy conclusion, no thanks to Police Inspector De Groote (Leon Askin) and his trio of confused detectives (The Wiere Brothers). It seems that no one is really what they seemed!

Thinking all is solved and safe, Guy and Jill blissfully book passage for England, not knowing several of their mysterious friends are aboard. Thanks to Captain Roach (Stanley Adams) and his mate. (Walter Burke), there is a surprise destination and an even more surprise ending.

(Movie overview by Elvis Monthly - Issue 92, September 1967)