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November 1960
(+ means you need both    ~ means same material    °° means stereo or binaural    ° means mono)
(SFS = Short False Start | FS = False Start | LFS or BD (Breakdown) = Long False Start | PB (Playback) or Complete = Complete Take)

Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California
Soundtrack Session for 'Wild In The Country'
20th Century Fox Producer : Urban Thielmann
Engineer : Thorne Nogar

Musicians:   Backup Vocals:
Maracas: Homer 'Boots' Randolph (?)  

Wild In The Country (Overdub)
L2PB 5383
  November 1960 (?)
Take NA M 1:51 (Maracas overdub of master) Elvis For Everyone (1965 & 1972 Stereo LP)°°~Wild In The Country
Sessions°°+Tape°°+From The Beach To The Bayou° (LP - With fake
"Take 40" announcement and count-in edited in)


According to 'Sessions III', the original stereo version of Wild in the Country with overdubbed maracas was overdubbed by Boots Randolph during the post production of the movie sometime in November, and can be found on the European vinyl pressing of 'Elvis For Everyone'. The fact is it was originally released in 1965 on the 'Stereo' only pressings of 'Elvis For Everyone' and again on the 1972 vinyl UK re-release of 'Elvis For Everyone'.

Strong rumours over the years have persisted that it was in fact overdubbed in England, as there is no tape of it in the RCA vaults, and the overdub is not listed in any of the original "Wild In The Country" session paperwork.

Another possibility is that the song could have been overdubbed at the same overdub session as Tomorrow Night on March 18 1965.

This overdub can be found on the old bootleg LP's "From The Beach To The Bayou" and "Special Delivery", among others, where a fake "Take 40" announcement by Elvis from another session, was sneakily inserted before it.